Saturday, October 25, 2008

John Edward: Cross Country

I am in mourning. I am grieving. I am trying to figure out a way to live a new life without my sister. I try to make sense of her passing and I try to find joy and happiness in every day. It is not easy to do. Thankfully I have a beautiful daughter who makes me smile when I least expect it.
I have been watching a show called John Edward: Cross Country. He is a medium who gives messages to people from those who have crossed/died. I don't know if it is real or even if it is possible but I like his message. He has dealt with and talked to people all over the country who have lost loved ones and he has also lost loved ones and his message is a good one. He reminds people that our loved ones are still energy that can and do communicate with us still. I do believe that. I know that I have felt the actual physical presence of my dad several times since his death and have had many dreams that progressively show my new relationship with him. I have also had a few dreams of my sister but I have not had the physical presence feeling yet. I was thinking about this while watching his show and he said that these energies are still connected to their families and they want us to evolve and that is how they evolve. I know that I have had a really hard time moving on in my new relationship with my sister because I don't want to believe she is dead. Since I only used to see her once or so a year this is not hard to do. I can just pretend she has forgotten to call me today, which I do often to get me through the day. I know this is not healthy but it is a coping mechanism. Sometimes a person just needs to do what they can to get through each day.