Saturday, March 12, 2005

Dear Diary, Today I had a Tiff with Miffy, Biffy and Chippy...

Well as many of my faithful readers (Rick and Leroy) know, I am pursuing my Masters. Throughout this first year, I have had classes with the same cohort of people. Nice enough, just extremely liberal and in your face about it (Was that redundant? Liberal and in your face?) Anyhow, Wednesday night once again there was bashing going on. Usually I say nothing because I feel nothing is heard, but this time I went off. I said that I was sick of paying money to be in a program to learn Strategies to teach Reading and getting earfuls from the other people and the professors about their politics. If I want my fill of political talk I will read the emails. (Although, I have noticed the loudest liberals have fallen silent.) My first class (pre-election), the teacher actually said that she was an extreme liberal (there goes the redundancy again) and that she did not like Republicans although she promised it would not affect our grade. What a fricken opener.
Well, I am off to do a presentation in front of the cohort. Wish me luck.