Friday, December 17, 2004

Elias and I after the show.  Posted by Hello

Okay, Okay, I'm updating!

Since someone was borred, I thought I would get on and post. I have actually not been neglecting my blog for lazy matters, I had food poisoning! I spent all Thursday in the restroom. My stomach is still sore! I am going to Grants tomorrow to visit my friend Marlene and her husband Dwayne. I am trying to get their gift packed, puppy ready to go for his sleep over at his uncle David's house, clothes washed and packed and hopefully I can stick in some sleep. I am exhausted from the horrible things my stomach did to me yesterday.
I will not update my blog until Sunday or Monday so this post will have to do. Perhaps if I can find a couple of pictures...maybe of my travels for Rick, who thought that it was a marvelous idea and was intrigued that I had travelled.