Sunday, October 26, 2008

13 going on 14 going on 15 one day at a time

Today is my niece Kristine's 13th birthday. I remember being thirteen and I thought only about being fourteen and then when I was fourteen dreaming of being fifteen. I wonder what I thought would change when I turned a year older? Nothing drastic was coming up. I was going to the same high school as all of my older siblings, I was not going to move to somewhere exotic. I really enjoyed my school days both elementary and high school. I think back and wish I would have just appreciated it at the time. Life gets harder as you get older. I always read those magazine articles where they ask famous people what they would tell their younger self. I think I would say relax, enjoy this time- it is so precious. Say I love you more. People aren't going to live forever - remember the things you love about them and thank them for it, forgive the things you don't love about them and don't say anything to them about it.
I think I will tell my niece this today and in typical 13 year old fashion she'll probably roll her eyes.


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