Saturday, November 08, 2008

We want to live in AMERICA - We want to work in AMERICA....

I am trying to do my Christmas shopping ALL AMERICAN: buying everything American made this year.
I am finding some wonderful websites and of course my faithful newsletter from How to buy is helping. I really believe in buying American made products, I think we not only need to help our country end our dependence of foreign income but also to bring our standards back to products that we have in our home.
I am putting away the soapbox now...speaking of soap though did you know that Softsoap is American Made?!?!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama wins the US Presidency

I voted yesterday in my very first election ever. I voted for McCain/Palin even though I was pretty sure they would lose. I don't feel that Obama and McCain stood out as having opposing views on many things and we all know that even though they will be president there are still the same politicos in DC that are going to be influencing one as they would have the other. I thought it was going to be Obama but I did not expect the landslide. I am happy it is over, I am tired of the fliers, people at the door, phone calls and especially the commercials. I have not heard much gloating from my friends but at the same time I am pretty sure everyone assumed Obama would win...I did.
I decided to vote for McCain and Palin because after reading about and listening to both candidates there was such a slim difference in what they were saying I decided to go with something that is close to my heart. So since with McCain there is a chance that Roe could be turned over I voted for that.
I took my daughter to vote and she fed it through the machine. She was excited and wore her Proud to Vote sticker.
I am glad I voted and I can't wait for the local elections.

Monday, November 03, 2008

I wonder wonder wonder whoooo who is out there?

Is anyone reading this?