Monday, January 03, 2005

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Back to Work I Go!

Well, the Denver trip was a bust. I threw my back out and we decided that there was no way I could sit in the car for that long and climb up and down the, here we are. W couldn't find anyone to take the tickets. FREE tickets. Oh wells. We had already set up a sub and called in so I needed an extra day to recover from my back pain. It is still sore, damned Pacheco bum back...the inheritance my dad left me, a big ass and a bum back! Guess I should not really blame my dad. He wasn't the one that tried to flip the mattress by himself, heehee. I think I am superwoman sometimes.
Tomorrow it is back to school. I am trying to stick to my New Year's Resolution of ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT. I am trying to think of positives and talking myself into it. We'll see tomorrow how it goes.
Wish me luck. I was hoping for a snow day but that was the bad attitude of 2004Me speaking. 2005Me is looking forward to seeing my little darling students with bright and shiny faces and my lovely co-workers. All is good and all is bright and if I don't stop now I'll have a scream.


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