Saturday, December 11, 2004

Holiday Memories

Dancin' in my Blue Suede Shoes! Posted by Hello
(Here is a photo of me at Rainbowland getting my groove on. I remember fighting with my mom about wearing those damned shiny black patent leather shoes I hated. Obviously my dad was on my side because here I am in my Blue Suede Shoes! Yes, that is Emily in the foreground, frozen in awe at my skills.)

Christmas is quickly approaching and I was reminiscing about Christmas past and thought of the time I almost started a fire in the closet on Christmas Eve...I was all tucked in and everyone but Steve or Leroy had gone to midnight mass. They said that Billy and I could sleep in the same room because I was too excited and I couldn't go to sleep without my BeeBee. I remember feeling like there was magic in the air or something too wonderful was happening, it was almost scary. So I turned on the light in the closet and finally fell asleep. Well, back then, we just had an exposed bulb in the closet, and my mom had a black plastic bag filled with yarn in the top shelf of the closet. I can sleep through a tornado and was fast asleep. When they got home from mass they smelled something burning and mom sniffed it out. The bag was smoking and the yarn collection was a smoldering stinkbomb. Could've been an ugly one. But all was good, I think that was the year I got Creampuff for Christmas. Does anyone remember my huge green bear that nobody was allowed to touch because Billy, Gordo and David kept having surgery on him and my mom kept having to sew him up? Bastards...I don't think I am over it.

Any memories you would like to share?


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